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se precisares ler em portugues passa o rato em cima da palavra home e pressiona na palavra pagina principal

 hello friends like you to know that i am chased in my own countrie to, and i will always make strage texts for you read, is the only thing i can do for feel safe. it seems that workers from televisions radios and press they know what hapen and some people from the street´s here where i live and television presenters and some artists are pass through the same i just know that receive threast´s  about  my life and you know i am just a worker and it take many hours for make all this . but evan work i can more .or sustain me family if you think that this is funny i have to show you pics of my car for you see the oppression and is not just me is more people famous here in portugal

you know that i never behave like this

keep coming here for read strage textes please is the minimum the i can do for feel safe ,what is realy hapen here in lisbon?what they i try to hide can you tell me?have to have with something that care about all of us for be something with all comunication and famous even threasts to go treat me in a hospital i already have if you ask me way i realy don´t know way but my countrie it´s crazy?

but belive me i don´t know or understand nothing of this , this start 3 months a go and the only thing that i make is finish my company of design and it seems that a some people in the streets know what hapen. and the only thing i can do is drink coffe and stay home because the threast´s

repairs that more people with fame are chased in this countrie and if you read  magazines and realize the strange phenomenon television presenters and some artists they feel persecuted and almost they don´t go out and others don´t let the son ,try to read the magazines from the least 3 months  ,can you explain me what hapen here in lisbon?is with every famous persons?realy this is all very strange

it seems that we are more than one to be chased the threast´s  realise this phenomenon what is hapen here?is not just me

this is all new for me and just start 3 months a go

share please the more that you can this strange texts

evan threast to tell me that in 2015 i will die, but what is this my countrie it´s crazy? just because i am a  worker? because just this people from where i tell you know what realy hapen or maybe the other famous can know better what hapen,for me is complicated because i just work in studio not television is dificult to me know more about it , i realise that some neighbors know to and are oppression and try that i don´t show my work in social media  with my own company some social media that i try to use don´t let me share my work but we ´m just a regress 40 years back?friend i´m just a composer if you ask way, i realy don´t know to answer, have caution,because nice people in the street tell me to for have caution and be careful to and the strange is that i realy don´t understand yet way

about music you know that i am producer and work in studio so i will keep making my music for you enjoy



hello friends for me music is about stories that we can tell from fantasy that we put in the middle of music and music serves precisely to dream and make dream , i like to make music because is good to know that you pass a good time listen my music ,  hope to share more work soon  with you  because  currently i have  some problems of material and i will have to buy new stuff, for i can make more music for you enjoy.One more time thanks for all support and all love that you give me in the least years in all countries that know my music kisses and hugs, keep rocking, don´t stop to have fun. In this moment i stop to use some social media because not every social media is good to share music but soon i will reopen some social media to and my music is not in this moment for sale ,  , but you can enjoy here in official site ,i hope as soon  as possible i can put my music to sale in normal digital stores again like itunes and other stores for you can find the music shadows of luna more easy, , music is something that i learn to make with passion and i love to make music for you have some fun some people ask me about  how i build all this in my carrier i decide to explain how things have been 2007 i decide to start looking for elements for the 1 formation of the band shadows of luna this process take from the beginning 2007 until the end of 2007 ,after i have all formation we start compose all songs that you find in the ep shadows of luna start.
After some concerts in 2008 and after te  summer contest in 2009 that shadows of luna get in final  with public votes, and with the start of the  crises
i have to change country for i can sustain my family....because i have friends from portugal in netherland and it´s more easy to find work like that in other countrie... but is very difficult to start all this , first i have to work for other bosses about 200 hours for month for i can buy my 1 material....and i start to record my songs, this take many time and  it toke me like  2 years for can buy all my material.In the middle of buying material i´m studing how  to make everything , learn how  to work with compositions programs like cubase and other programs, and  start to learn to how to play all instruments , is a good fight learn all this.when i have all material i start to record my songs for the 1 time hehehe is funny to see all mistakes that you think that is not possible to do :P but i record my 1 song and it was very  bad hehehe....the months pass and  i learn more experience and i learn how to record songs, in my way of corse but is difficult to learn all this alone... after many hours of work for other not easy work alone in other country we don´t have family with us and is more difficult in personal level.i dont find more work with contract  for other bosses in the netherland and i have to travel again for my coutrie portugal that i always love a lot because it is where my roots are,all crisis make this process very difficult and unfortunately i never more find work in my country because of 14 % unemployment ,after all this years..and you  know that is difficult to all, so i dicide to try to build a company for try to gain my live and i learn design, and this is the reason for i start  with design and  way not try to help other persons, that need  someone that know about design and web design for can build ther  businesses... this is the start of my creative design company that i will try to develop in portugal the middle of this with all crisis that all of us are in this moment, i unfortunately lose all my material, this is one of the reasons for i never more release more songs but i´m work more songs in this moment for you enjoy, of corse that with all this i can not invest in my carrier and i just can have what i can build alone, in this moment my work and all that i learn is what you can see here i my official site, i will have to buy more material again for i can make more songs for you enjoy, , hope everyhing will resolve.

this is all my history about my career and the least years of my life and how i start to do all alone, because with all change of coutries is impossible we can find a team for work together and i have two choices... or i quit or i keep make my dreams and make what i love to do  in music , and put all  feelings that  normaly we can not put in normal life :)  because ther is no other way when we have to change country more than one time and let all behind , this is way i start to do all alone ,and this is the result of 4 years of hard work i decide to share with you all my history about my carrier and how and way i build all this alone.

i´m in this moment work new songs hope release very soon i will always make music for you have some fun

many kisses and hugs


luis seno

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