hello friends :)


In the least years a lot of change in my creative project AND I have to stop some time to make music for can Build all that you see .

my son born to and i decide o stop some montHS to work for injoy my baby but i start now that have all finish to make more songs

is a good fight all this years, first for learn averything that i need to, for make what i want in creative way,i have to learn to work with a lot of programs that are new for me,and then let the inspiration work then self ,the work don
´t finish yet because i have some more changes to do but the important is here

this lest year i don
´t have access to a lot of mensages that you send me, and some fans ask me way i don´t replay, belive me a try to replay all the time that i receive contacts but 90% of contact don´t came to me. ,this is a new site with all autonomy that i can have and i belive that now we can speak much better and change nice ideas (hope so)

my least news are about a distribuition of music that are selling my work with out my autorization in other coutries and i don
´t have access to all off happen in my back with out i know   , and because i don´t have access to 90% of mensages i decide to be silent  all this last year so averything that i speak with fans are just in official site

this is my new official store where you can find all music and merchandise and all news of shadows of luna site you have here also a connect with creative design project that will work with some products and publicity for companys that you will see develop with the time.

hope from now i can use my creativity in more helf way you all know that i use music for put out all that innerfilings like hate,love,pain,happy,furious and exciting and i will keep to make it ,love you all, hoppe you enjoy my good inspirations and my
  bad inspirations :P


many kisses and hugs for you all thanks by the support

luis seno


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